The 100K Challenge

I was reading online and found that many people consider making $100,000 a year to be a great paying job. I agree. I want to make that much a year. I mean to bring home that much aka net amount.

But how would one do it? I read an article asking how one would make 100,000 in a month. That would be great, huh? Here is a link to that site,

No, I don’t make money off that link… yet.

If you don’t want to read it, that’s fine. Pretty much people state how they would make a certain amount of money per month. It made me question how I would make 100k in a year. Someone that has debt and has terrible credit. How could that same person overcome the debt and net out 100,000 in one year. Work.

First thing I thought, get out of debt. To get out of debt with a minimum wage job would take like… 10 years. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So gain some skills first, right? Right, here we go.

Second thing, how much do you have to make? Well, you’ll have to make roughly about 150,000 before taxes if you’re going on the 30 percent rule. Maybe a little bit more depending on other bills. But for this I’m using 150,000.

  • 150,000 / 52 weeks
  • 2885 / 7 days
  • 412 per day

Those are rounded numbers, but we figured out how much we have to make per day.

That leaves us with the last step, learn a skill. People will pay for anything if you can make their life a little easier. So whatever skill you learn, do 412 dollars worth of work per day for 365 days a year. Bam. I just solved it.

On a serious note, it is simple. It’s not easy. In order to collect payment from people, unless you don’t report your income which not advised in this situation, you have to have a business license. It isn’t hard to get, but then you have to get a tax ID and keep up with taxes. Don’t mess up on those. IRS will come for you like a linebacker for the quarterback.

That’s just one example. I call it the “brute force” method. You just do 150,000 dollars worth of work. There are other methods to achieve this money per year which I will probably write about in another post.

With that said, I am entering myself into the 100K challenge this year. It’s not too late. I’d have to make a little more money if I wanted to get 100k before the new year since it is the end of February, but by next February I’d like to have about that much money in my account OR invested in my business. (Probably will be latter).

So will you join with me, reader? Will you take this challenge? Will you check on my progress? I mean I won’t have my feelings hurt if you don’t. But wouldn’t you like to say “Dang, I watched that guy go from nothing to something?” I hope so.

That’s just my thoughts for now. Toodles, folks.

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