New Car!

So my previous post was made about two months ago now. Am I on the fast track to 100k? No, I am not. In fact, I signed for a new car which will put me back even more. But I look at it as an investment due to it being able to get me from Point A to Point B.

The Journey to 100k begins with a single drive.

Therefore, I may not reach 100k, but with my car and some other debt, I think I can manage to pull off 80k.

However, having transportation is a necessity especially in the south where getting around means driving 50 miles a day.

So what is my plan of action to achieve these numbers? Three different businesses that will funnel into my bank account. You need multiple income streams if you want to make good money. You could do it on one job alone, but I don’t have the education for that. So I must own my own business!

I am just tired of working for little to nothing while making someone else rich. I believe some of us are content with working for someone else, and those are people businesses need! But I’m not one of them. I like to make my own schedule. Help people. Talk to people! Solve their problem and get paid in the process!

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